Chargrilled Asparagus & Garden Salad Ingredients:

2 bunches of Asparagus Peeled
Chive Flowers
Beetroot Leafs
Garlic Chives


Season and oil the Asparagus then Chargrill (if the Asparagus is quite large you may want to bake it for 4 mins at 160c before charring), Slice the Raddish quite thinly, Wash the Beetroot Leafs and Herbs.

Bavarois Ingredients:

175g Baby Spinach
25g Chives
10g Unsalted Butter
210ml Double Cream
1.5 Leafs of Gelatine


Heat Butter in Pan, add the Spinach and Chives when the Butter is melted, Add 60ml of Double Cream, Bring to the Boil, Blend and Pass through a fine sieve, Cool the mixture very quickly.

Whip the remaining 150ml Double Cream to a soft peak. Soften Gelatine in cold water, squeeze out excess liquid and then warm the gelatine. Fold in the puree mixture and Gelatine into the Cream and place into a bowl, chill until set.

Now To Plate: Warm the Asparagus for 1 minute under the grill. Using 2 tea spoons quenelle the Herb Bavarois and place on the centre of the plate. Arrange the Beetroot Leafs, Peashoots, Raddish and Asparagus around the Bavarois then dress with Virgin Olive Oil. Finally garnish with the Chive Flowers, Violas and Garlic Chives.

Recipe kindly supplied by Balmer Lawn Hotel

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