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Owned by Icelander Oddny, Oskubox is a Nordic Cafe on Lymington High Street, featuring local Forest produce. Forest food with something of an unusual twist!

Born and raised in Iceland, Oddny moved to the UK in 2002. She fell in love with the area but was homesick for the authentic Nordic food she had loved from her homeland. There was only one option; bring the food of the Vikings to the heart of The New Forest. After a long search for just the right place to create her vision, many meetings with suppliers to source the freshest ingredients, and more than a little elbow-grease – Oskubox was born.

So if you’re ready to experience food the Viking way, brought to you by sea travellers and raven flyers, there’s never been a better time to get your Nordic on and join the Oskubox.

Here’s some tasters from the menu:

The Thor Platter £9.50

Ham, Smoked meat and Roast Beef. This protein packed platter gives you all the roar you need to tackle your day.

The Ægir Platter £9.50

Smoked Salmon, Pickled Herring and Smoked Mackerel. The Omega 3 oils will strengthen your joints and some even say improve memory – sorry what was that again!? Gives you enough energy to sail to Sweden.

Skyr with berries £4.50

Very low in fat but full of protein! Special Icelandic yogurt! Could this be the secret to Iceland’s reputation for strong men.

Magni Meatballs – special Nordic family recipe £9.50

These are no ordinary meatballs. Can you taste the secret ingredient…? This recipe has honestly been passed down from generation to generation. The meatballs are made with local, organic home reared pork and English beef! There would be no Öskubox without these balls!

Smjörbrauð / Smørebrød £6.00

The Danish Open Sandwich – What Nordic food is all about! All served on healthy dark Rye Bread with a side salad.

  • Smoked Salmon, with homemade Sweet mustard dill sauce, sliced egg, lettuce and butter
  • Mouth-watering, homemade pickled Herring, Red onion, sliced egg, lettuce and butter
  • Veggie version with a traditional bean and carrot salad, Avocado, tomato, pickled beetroot and butter

Why not head over to meet Oddny at Oskubox on your itinerary for Festival Week?



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