As autumn rolls in and the days have grown shorter, we all pine a little for the end of the summer. But every New Forest cloud has a silver lining – in this case a fluffy marshmallowy one.

Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Roaring fires, Great British Bake Off, our first ever Food & Drink Festival of course… and marshmallow hot chocolate from Madeleine Harley of Harley Sweet, our amazing gourmet marshmallow producer.

Fresh, handmade and free of gluten, artificial flavours and colours – these are extraordinary marshmallows. Beautifully light and fluffy, but still with some substance, a marshmallow should melt in the mouth, but shouldn’t be so light that it fizzes away to nothing.

Just pick a flavour and leave it to melt into rich, dark hot chocolate. Perfect. Winter soon – bring it on.

Harley Sweet even has a bespoke kit for the whole experience.