Yes, yes yes, many of us don’t need no excuse to celebrate International Chocolate Day.
But just in case you did… here are our scrumptious suggestions.

1. Pop over to and have a browse of Madeleine’s marvellous marshmallows. Take your pick from tiramisu, mint, or maybe vanilla, and then, when they’ve arrived by post, knock up the world’s biggest mug of hot chocolate and just dunk them in. Alternatively, you could buy Madeleine’s hot chocolate marshmallow kit, so you’ll always be hot choccie ready, whatever the day and happier still, knowing they have all been made here in the New Forest.

2. Check out Chocolate by Miss Witt, whose to-die-for choccies are all freshly made here, in the New Forest, many using local ingredients. Kerry’s been making chocolates since 2012 and earlier this summer won two awards at The Academy of Chocolate London; a Silver for her Orange Marmalade and Glenfiddich Whisky Chocolate and a Bronze for her Lapsang Souchong and Apricot Chocolate.

3. Learn how to make your OWN chocolates on October 19 at 2pm at the Montagu Arms Hotel at Beaulieu. Whip up your own flavours and decorations to nibble throughout the afternoon and polish it all off with the hotel’s award-winning Afternoon Tea.

4. Make your very own New Forest Gateau (like a certain other forest’s gateau but, in our opinion, much, much tastier!) And this one’s gluten free.

For more information and to book, visit our Sweet Forest Somethings theme page.

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